„ … they have a touch, not every note is the same.“

John Patitucci


by WeHO

this is the second solo album by Mario Lackner aka “WeHO”. Yes, there is a story behind WeHO which is related to the period of time I spent on the westcoast. Lots of song ideas go back to that period of time… Its made for vinyl so PLEASE  go to the bandcamp site for the VINYL order.

FUR Volume I

by  FUR

Ein Debütalbum mit neun musikalisch-cineastischen Kurztrips, bei denen verstaubte Blues-Phrasen entstaubt und solange mittels Beserl-Schlagzeug und räudigen Bass-Sounds gegen den Strich gebürstet werden, bis ein improvisatorisches Klangkino im Kopf entsteht.


„Monster’s mix of frantic, in-your-face rockers and moody, dark ballads make for a dynamic listening experience… More info below…


Solarpanels writes a new chapter in their bag of styles and songs. Words are cheap. Sample the songs on this page, you’re already here! More info below…


„With the looks of Diana Ross and a voice that could rival any jazz singer of recent years, Sumitra Nanjundan stands out from the usual crop of female vocalists.– Leonard’s Lair


„A feeling, music, art, design, taste, smell and much more but also a (wo)man TWOMAN like you and me.“ More info below…