“i kaun des ned” by Weho

available digital only !
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neue Single “i kaun des ned” von Weho


Music & Lyrics by Mario Weho Lackner
Leadvocals by Mario Weho Lackner
Backing Vocals by Mario Weho Lackner & Christoph Helm
Guitars by Christoph Helm
Rhodes & Hammond by Sebastian Schneider
Upright bass by Christian Wendt
Drums by Mario Weho Lackner
Mixed by Fabian Rucker
Mastered by Horst Pfaffelmayer
Cover artwork by Mario Weho Lackner
Graphic support by Stefan Fallmann

all rights of the producer and of the owner reserved.

unauthorised copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this record is a violation of applicable laws.

the publishing right in this recording & artwork is
owned by Mario Weho Lackner.

special thanks to my family, especially Elisabeth and my son Ludwig,

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