Link to the RAMON "Orbiter" album release party

NEW - some cuts from a rec/jam session for an upcoming album by chris albers
it was the 2nd of april 2010, and another earthquake I didnt feel cause I was playing at the time :)

                           - click on the picture to listen to the samples

videos 1      International percussion festival in vienna 2002


videos 2       Candyman 187 & the Havenotz (promo video & live)
(live clip)
die falschen freunde (promo video)
die paepste (music video)
Dkay (studio warm up clip)
Bad Powells (promo video)


videos 3       Ordinary world & Axel Wolph (music videos & live)

videos 4       NO second thought
(live clips)

video 4 A      !! making a "MONSTER" ( the making of the debut albut)
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videos 5       Percussion festival (short u tube clips)

videos 6        Mavien Bliss (live) >NEW

videos 7       Jesse Sarr (music videos)

videos 8       Back beat boys (music video to "g-r-u-u-f")

videos 9       Zweitfrau > NEW footage from a show in 2006