last update: 2016-10-01



I am looking forward to my new TAMA Star drumkit! Thanks to Stephan Haenisch of MEINL/TAMA Germany.


Recording session coming up with the "MGO orchestra" . Markus Geiselhart asked me to join for the session and I am very happy about it.:)

"My Instrument is the Orchestra" MGO,(2015,A)


I will be playing another show with "RAMON" on aug 8th in Klagenfurt


I found a song I recorded years back for Phil who I studied music with, -

"Der Friede Gottes
" by Phil J. Riegler



video from the concert with the "Don Ellis Tribute Orchestra" feat. Thomas Gansch on april 12-2015 @ the muth, vienna.

"The Spirit of Don Ellis" , comp. & arr. by Markus Geiselhart


april 12-2015, I had the great opportunity to play a show with the "Don Ellis tribute orchestra" feat. Thomas Gansch and many other great  musicians @ the muth in Vienna, austria.

photographer: Mirjam Koch

After auditioning for the position of Drum Teacher at the University of music & performing arts in vienna (originally in sept 2013) I was honored to be named professor for drums & percussion, and will start teaching duties with summer course 2015.

Its a great honor for me, because I was a student at that University back in the day, and I see it as my responsibility to support the students with building and developing their skills on the instrument and as competent and creative musicians who aspire to express the magic of the drums.


"solarpanels # 1" -" downtown nature" is on bandcamp. Feel free to listen.



• new songs I recorded with Chris Albers in summer 2014 are @ golden mastering in Los Angeles right now:)


• I dont even know what year it was, I recorded drums for Patrick in his beautiful Studio in Tirol for project that didnt have a name yet :)

The artist is called MIM


links to some songs>






I have the great  honor to play a show with the amazing "Don Ellis Orchestra" feat. Thomas Gansch on april 13-2015 in vienna, austria.


I had my friend Chris Albers over this summer, and we used the time we had pretty efficient :) ... watch out for upcoming tracks .. :) Thanks to Hari Baumgartner for the bass and bass amp.... thanks to everybody for the great time.... couldnt ask for more. )


great show with the SOLOMONS at the Donaubuehne Tulln, for pics, go to www.solomons.at


new album: My Friend Chris Albers and his new album "RAVEN" on itunes, spotify, etc...
I tracked drums back in 2007 at midcity sound in Los Angeles, after finishing our debut album with "No second thought"
Finally we did some last recordings here in Austria in 2013 on a great short visit during his "Black Crowes" tour in europe.



old NEWS from a video i found from 2012./ Link to the RAMON "Orbiter" album release party /



that was real fun. thanks to Thomas, Vali & Carl.



upcoming shows with "the Solomons"



• just had my best friend Chris over from the US for a few days....he is right now working for "the black crowes" ..and a window between the Euro and the US tour openend up that great opportunity to spend some time together :) ... great time... so much fun! ... great hike, or climb, whatever you wanna call it :) .... and great track I recorded for him real quick in my studio that is more than a good starting point :) def  more to come ..... and by the way: "go... f...... y....." :)


• ... currently rehearsing with a new band "THE SOLOMONS" with a great lineup! .. old friends, and new ones :) , - more infos will follow as soon as we're about to hit the first show. :)


I had a great time on my last trip to the states this year, meeting old friends, and besides that. talking some rocket science on drumming with great people. :) as a result, a great opportunity came along through Mr. James Gadson himself. What that is, man, I am still not sure if I woke up out of that dream.. :) What  I know is that i cannot wait to get that thing in my hands. How long it will take? i don't know.. and i dont care, cause just
king about it is of such pleasure itself. :) as soon as I can, I "will" tell you more. :)

JAMES HERSEY   new song out


• upcoming show `A Tribute to Black Icons´ at the "theater am Spittelberg" on sept 29th, 7.30 pm


I just had the great apportunity to meet a few of the greatest inspiring drummers for the first time,
or & again on my visit in Los Angeles, - thanks to Mr. James Gadson, Jeff Hamilton, Gorden Campbell,
Herman Matthews ........ Its been a blast and really inspiring ! :)

Thank you James ! best time ever :)

Thank you Herman!

talking music with Gorden !


I also head the chance to catch up with lots of friends, and my band "No Second Thought"

New gigs are coming up, so stay tuned. :)

best, mario


"lovely rita" 2 shows in Manchester & Liverpool, more details will follow
showdates: may 2012


My 2nd SOLO Album is in progress, - coming end of 2012/2013


JAMES HERSEY support show with TYLER at the WUK on dec 16th 2011

I am playing a show with Gansch & Roses on sept 13-2011 at pory & bess, Vienna.


 2 more shows with TYLER are on the way //
chelsea on july 14th, and July 22nd, we play support for the BON JOVI concert at the Ernst     Happel stadium in vienna, austria.


JAMES HERSEY 1 year celebration at Hotel Brilliantengrund, 1070 vienna, austria. time: 2.30pm


JAMES HERSEY recording session

JAMES HERSEY show at the WUK on May 25th 2011, 8.30 pm


3 shows with TYLER in Hamburg, Berlin, Koeln more info


NO SECOND THOUGHT CD review in the febr issue of STICKS magazine


the "austrian newcomer award" show, posthof linz on febr 16th 2011 , 7.30-11.30pm
   and in klagenfurt on march 25th 2011

"tell it to the birds" video on GoTV soon !!


PIANO DRUM going "turkey" :) show in ankara, turkey on april 7th 2011


"lovely rita" shows in Hamburg, Germany, more details will follow

showdates: april 28/29/30, may 5/6/7 & may 12/13/14


NO SECOND THOUGHT in the april 2011 issue of HUSTLER magazine!!


upcoming shows with JAMES HERSEY special support gig for TRAIN / oct 29th 2010 @ gasometer vienna and nov 23rd @ chelsea vienna




• I am playing some shows with Martin Stepanik and the band "lovely rita" in october 2010


• coming album by Remy De La Mora :) (listen to some pre-mixes on myspace)


AXEL WOLPH new album release on sept 26th 2010

CREDITS: All songs written, produced, recorded, performed and mixed by Axel Wolph at United Indies Studio, Vienna. Drums & percussions performed by Mario Lackner (3,4,6,7,8,10,11,12) & Alex Pohn (1,2,5,9,13). Bass on "On Sale" performed by Stefan Fallmann. Cello perormed by Florian Eggner. Mastered by Martin Scheer.


CANDYMAN 187 & THE HAVENOTZ Live @ the keyclub, Hollywood, Los Angeles


• songs by JUSTYNA KELLEY Producer: www.davidkershenbaum.com
- check out http://www.myspace.com/justynakelley for full line up on the recordings


• show with JAMES HERSEY at puresound, vienna, austria

Video for the the song "Gefuehle gehn so schnell vorbei" from the upcoming    album "Auf einmal war es da" / coming soon.


• upcoming show JAMES HERSEY on June 25th 2010 @ 7 pm

• 2 shows with AXEL WOLPH & ZWEITFRAU  on the upcoming stadtfest in Vienna (2pm & 6pm)

> pics from the shows

  click for more

• I was doing a session for chris albers @ Midcity sound, when the earth was shaking again :)

               click on picture for samples

NO SECOND THOUGHT: album "MONSTER" ON Itunes and CDbaby
   NO SECOND THOUGHT is a trio.
   line up:
                chris albers: guit, lead vocals, backing vocals, lapsteel, keyboards
                jason paulsen: bass
                mario lackner: drums, percussion, backing vocals, piano, keyboards, glockenspiel

After jamming for about 2 years together, working on ideas, recording almost every jam, relistening, picking good parts, finding the right vibe, going back, reworking ideas..etc ... we thought we might do an EP with 3 or 4 songs.. but we already had so much material.. - than, after a few difficulties with people outside the band, - those could have been the end for the band - we got back together, in the studio, and we were writing new songs from scratch together... We recorded live at midcity sound studios in LA, - kept drums and bass, - and chris and me were working on the rest, all the guitars, vocals, backing vocals, additional instruments, like a grand piano, keyboards, etc.. in our own studio lockout.. Yes we made it work, produced the album together, and it was a great journey.. I am sure its not gonna be the last album I'm gonna be doing with especially chris, who it was an awesome experience to work with.
we recorded 13 track, 12 of em made it on the album "MONSTER". Once we handed the songs over for mixing,- after cleanedrrrrrrrr :)i broke my big toe right before a night with 2 shows !. yes, i played em. :) but i cant remember them ... i couldnt walk the next days .. so I started working on the album artwork, which was an experience itself... :).. we burned quite some paper, and it stunk like shit.. haha.. tons of ideas, and many hours of experimenting, - order the cd on CDBABY, and check it out. It looks pretty killer :/ and it does still sound good :)

best, mario

>> join us on facebook

>> and order your copy on

coming up on I tunes soon !

--------- CD RELEASE PARTY ON APRIL 2nd 2010 !!!!!!!!! more infos about that on facebook

upcoming new album by AXEL WOLPH   "Electric Lagerfeuer" in May 2010

just realized that jesse SARR did a video for a song we recorded some time ago

more shows coming up with candyman 187 & the Havenotz @ the KEYCLUB, LA & the WHISKY on febr 10th & 25th

pics from the show with "Candyman"

CANDYMAN 187 & THE HAVENOTZ is nominated for the "LA music awards 2010" in 2 catagories.
   > more info go to

• video with NO SECOND THOUGHT    the short "making a monster" documentary

  .. due to length limitations on You Tube I had to cut the video in 3 parts (total running time 25min)

making a monster part 1

> making a monster part 2

> making a monster part 3

• upcoming album with my trio "No Second Thought" in early 2010. mixing. 2 more to go. :)

•upcoming album by Heinrich von Handzahm
.. one of my most favourite piano players is on that album aswell - michi hornek !!!

•  released EP by  JESSE SARR (... didn't even know myself till today :)))


# I love this song

# Criminal love (youtube)

I am working at the "rock n roll fantasy camp" again, on nov 13 -15, and nov 20 - 22

• nov 9 & 10 - 2009 recording session for the album of Remy de la mora (album in 2010)

PIC's from the show with PIANODRUM @ Alvas in San Pedro, California

EPK "JUSTYNA KELLEY" Recording session with "Justyna Kelley" for the album "Over the moon"
  Produced by David Kershenbaum and Kevin Killen in spring 2009
ICONIQUE MUSIC GROUP www.iconiquemusicgroup.com

Upcoming show with "No Second Thought" on Big island of Hawaii on aug 28th go to

pics from the show with "piano drum" christoph moser, @ villa falkenhorst

CANDYMAN 187 & THE HAVENOTZ (EP) on itunes

promo video:

MAVIEN BLISS @ the MInt on june 23rd, 9pm sharp!

upcoming recording session for the album of JUSTYNA KELLEY  on may 18th with producer    www.davidkershenbaum.com @ www.kingsizesoundlabs.com

short video from the live show with MAVIEN BLISS

watch out for the upcoming album of "NO second thought"

>> thats just a short one where its gonna go..:) a recorded demo from a few months ago


PHOTOSHHOT with "NST" - No Second Thought

• upcoming show with KAT BAILESS    >> more

www.myspace.com/katbailess    or   www.katbailess.com

• april 30th : show with NO SECOND THOUGHT at the premiere of "BLACKOUT" the short movie

• short notice show on march 25th , 10 pm with "NO SECOND THOUGHT" at the JOINT , in Los Angeles

• just finished recording in downtown LA, stay tuned for the upcoming album by "NST" - "No second thought" Chris Albers (guit, vocals) Jason Paulson (bass) Mario Lackner (drums)

AXEL WOLPH 'The weekend starts on wednesday" (2009)

• upcoming show with "MAVIEN BLISS"

myspace : http://www.myspace.com/mavienbliss

•pics from the latest show with Axel Wolph @ Club OSt in vienna, austria

photo copyright by Mischa Nawrata

• video clips from the show @ club ost, vienna, austria


• upcoming show case with AXEL WOLPH for more info www.ost-klub.at

• Show with Dr. Steel

  It was great show / with the amazing Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai) on bass

  and dont forget the nurses :) @ the Club Edison, Los Angeles

• Recording session with CANDYMAN 187   

CANDYMAN 187 and the Havenotz (short video)

• upcoming appearance on brand new album "the weekend starts on wednesday" by Axel Wolph

• upcoming show with Dr. Steel (you tube introduction) ..... for more info go artist website

• 2 shows with PIANODRUM@ the "Salzburger Festspiele" in Salzburg, austria more go to

• NO SECOND THOUGHT show this wendesday July 16th @ the JOINT

• NEW appearance on the brand new album "SUBMERGED" by Lazy Bones Recordings
go to itunes to listen and download

• video to " I love this song" by Jesse Sarr »for more go to
I Love This Song

• upcoming show with HB3

» PIC´s from the show with "JUSTYNA KELLEY" @ Molly Melone´s on april 8th 2008

• NEW VIDEO by JESSE SARR "I love this song"

• upcoming show with the "ROCKOPERA" on march 27th @ the HOUSE OF BLUES, Los Angeles, Sunset strip
» promo video for the show !!!!!!!!!

   ....with SHEILA E. | LARRY BRAGGS (lead singer of Tower of Power) | ADOLFO ACOSTA (Trp player of TOWER OF POWER) | DANNY GRENIER (guit with Joe Walsh/Glen Frey band) | JEFF TAMELIER (guit with Tower of Power) |vocals by KACEE CLATON on loan from the Joe Cocker band and choreography by the fantastic Anya who is straight off of the "DANCING WITH THE STARS" tour......

for more info visit www.bandagetherockopera.com
or www.myspace.com/bandagetherockopera

• My LUDWIG kit just got a new family member ;)... a 6 1/2 champagne sparkle snare drum

• in studio with "NO SECOND THOUGHT" recording | watch out for upcoming songs | infos will follow

• shows with JUSTYNA KELLEY for more info go to www.myspace.com/justynakelley
info about the shows go to

• 2 concerts: CHRISTOF MOSER (piano) and MARIO LACKNER (drums) playing Mozart, Vivaldi, Bartok, Joel, Gulda, Moser u.a. .. more info

• Visit www.kayiko.com for the new collection Fall/winter 2007/2008
Thanks to Karin & Peter for their support. ......"nothing feels better wearing on stage than KAYIKO!"

• I wish everybody happy holidays and MERRY CHRISTMAS ;)

• MEINL artist roaster go to www.meinl.de    go to   » Artists » Lackner Mario

• DEC 1st | show with "NO SECOND THOUGHT" @ the GIG in Hollywood (click for line up)

7302 Melrose Ave, los angeles, California 90046
for tickets call 323-936-4440 Fax: 323-936-4430
» for more infos go to

• NOV 27th SHOW with Melinda Miller @ Room 5
143 N. La Brea Ave., Hollywood, California 90028
Cost : 8.00

Melinda Miller is "Nominated for The LA Music Awards 2007!"
catagorie: Adult Contemporary/AAA Female Vocal

• yes, I had an appearance on a movie 2 weeks ago as a student on a party ;)) - believe it or not ;)

directed by Riley Wood
executive producer: Michelle Alexandria
producer: Charese Mongiello
director of photography: Shaun M. Menzie
edited by Justin Porter
link (short version cut)

• NOV 20th | 9pm SHOW with JESSE SARR @ the Air condition lounge

more infos go to www.myspace.com/jessesarr

» PICS from the show with "NO SECOND THOUGHT" NOV 5th 2007

• NOV 5th | First show !!!!!! with "NO SECOND THOUGHT"
at the troubadour in Los Angeles

check out 2 songs on myspace: www.myspace.com/no2ndthought
the site is a "construction zone" right now, cause our main focus is on putting the show together!!.. and we are working sooo hard .. believe me.. ;) - SORRY FOR THAT
upcoming Band Website: www.no2ndthought.com

PHOTO BLOGS (some snapshots for friends)

Vic Firth  artist roster

HB3 review go for the latest HB3 review in the amplifiermagazine

• performing with Jason Farnham Jason's techno-pop show (with band)

WHEN: HALLOWEEN, Oct. 31 @ 9:30pm
6010 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035


• OCT 16th| 9pm SHOW with JESSE SARR
more infos go to www.myspace.com/jessesarr

• SEPT 5th| 9pm SHOW with JESSE SARR
more infos go to www.myspace.com/jessesarr

• performing with Jason Farnham Live on oct 6th
Jason will perform his electronic pop on the main stage of the Hub Theatre as part of the "NoHo Scene" Festival
@ THE HUB THEATRE - 5:30pm
5245 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood CA 91601 USA

check myspace site for showtime


  »for more information visit www.umboumbo.com



  » pics from the show @ the GIG, Los Angeles, CA
• upcoming shows & tour

more info later

artists webiste:

• JULY 8th | 9pm SHOW with JESSE SARR
upcoming recordings for the album
more infos go to www.myspace.com/jessesarr


I am working with Chris (Voxs, guit) & Jason (bass) right now on new material.
( f*kcin. amazing shit ... more infos later

check out 2 songs on myspace: www.myspace.com/no2ndthought
upcoming Band Website: www.no2ndthought.com

• working with HB3 and the Zegnotropic Rocket Society

• watch out for upcoming shows with Axel Wolph & the brides

DKAY: album 2007!! , drum & bass

Ordinary world | Video shoot for "speed control" go for the pics (more to follow)

Ordinary world | may 4th LIVE @ the FLEX doors open 11pm | show 11.30pm

"KAYIKO" FASHION SHOW on march 22nd in VIENNA   » for more infos goto

• "stiletto 6.5" CD Review in "Sticks" the drum magazine / febr issue 2007


NEW Photo gallery "Back beat boys in concert" & "marimba"

  !!! NEW DKAY ALBUM soon on my space !!! ALBUM IN MARCH 2007!!

• "Stiletto 6.5" now available @ Red octopus store in vienna more infos

• ordinary world "simplicity of mankind" release in march 2007! dates will follow

upcoming shows:
- febr 16th : Posthof Linz infos @ www.posthof.at

• DEC 6th: "CIRCLE GETS THE SQUARE" ALBUM RECORDED @ tracks records, Los Angeles
- upcoming show @ THE GIG on dec 14th, 11pm, Hollywood, Los Angeles for more details go to shows


• NEW GALLERY | fashion by "KAYIKO" on www.stilettomusic.com

• NEWSLETTER Wildner Music Juli/ August 2006 STILETT6.5   

LIVE gig with  M O R T O N

25th of aug | Aubad Tulln | showtime 7.30 pm   

22nd of july | Ö3 Beachmania | Fürstenfeld Freibad| 9.30pm
28th of july | FêTE BLANCHE| Felden | late show
pics on gallery

more infos on www.morton-online.com

• NEW appearance on the latest album of Alex Machacek [SIC]

more about it on www.alexmachacek.com

• 24th of june: LIve-SHOW with Zweitfrau "Donauinsel festival" | main stage 5pm to 6pm

• Ordinary world: new album coming up soon!!!
more infos www.ordinary-world.com

• Ordinary world club #3, cafe "Europa", vienna on 7th of april 2006, show starts @ 9.30 pm

• Live jam with the Waxos 28.1.2006 WIEN,FLEX

• Ordinary world: The recordings for the 2nd album "balladry folks" started.

• Dec 2005: Recording session for the upcoming DKAY album, more infos will follow

• Ordinary world club #2/ dec 21st 2005, club ost, vienna.
# PRESENTATION OF THE VIDEO CLIP TO "SUPERNATURAL" by Mario Kreuzer (9dives, www.9dives.com)
# CD release "simplicity of mankind" including the hitsingle bonustracks of "supernatural".

• The album "Stiletto 6.5" is OUT NOW!
   for more info go to www.stilettomusic.com

NEW PICS go to photography

• Ordinary world club #1/ nov 16th 2005, club ost, vienna.

• Ordinary world:

The video for the first single "beautiful" is finished.
The limited edition of the album "simplicity of mankind" is available.  

   artist website www.ordinary-world.com

  the album is also released @ cdbaby.com and itunes.com
  links to the sites:

• The film project "9dives" ordinary world did the main theme song for the movie.
   World Premiere on sept 2nd!!!!! IMAX cinema vienna

   more infos about that on the ordinray world website www.ordinary-world.com

• aug 2005: the Label website "stilettomusic" is online. go to www.stilettomusic.com

• I am in the finish of my first solo-album. It´s gonna be out in oct/nov 2005.
   I am not only playing drums and percussion. I am also playing piano, keyboards, guit, vocals... etc !
   Besides that I am doing all the editing, recording, and producing. There are some real great guest artists* with    me, playing    guitars, bass, horns, etc.... I love it! so watch out for this! :) and check the website.
   I will keep you updated.....Thanks to all of you,
   *alex machacek, johannes specht, BionicKId (waxolutionists) Umbo, Paul Urbanek, Stefan Fallman,
   Martin Stepanik...others are planed to appear (more about that later)

  From 25th og aug to sept 19th I`m gonna be in the US mixing and mastering my CD.

• Sumitra:in the latest issue of the stick magazin there`s a cd review about the Sumitra album "indian girl"

• info: there´s a new company I´m working with: VIC FIRTH more